Why do you write?

This is a good question, and one authors should have an answer for.

We all write for different reasons.
Some for the love of the craft, some for money and others just because they love it.
Do you see a pattern here? It doesn’t matter what the reason is, what matters is that you love doing it. Because if you don’t, it will show. Your mood is reflected in the words you put on paper.
Can you imagine Twilight being written at the hands of an angry author? They would have all died a bloody death. (No vampire pun intended. šŸ™‚ You can’t write a romantic YA story while contemplating killing your teenager for the damage he did to your car on his late night run.

So ask yourself, Why do you write?
Can you come up with an answer? I can. I write because I love it. I have a very hectic job.By the end of the day I’m ready for an escape. My writing is my mental break.
I haven’t written the next Fifty Shades, or Twilight…yet…but I’m working on it.

How about you?

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Lynda Kaye Frazier is an avid reader of romantic suspense and started her writing career a few years ago. She works full time at a Cardiology clinic, while writing her own novels at night. To learn more about her visit;
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