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I’m All About the Canva~ Brinda Berry

Fake cover

It’s a fake. Do you hear me? I’m FAKING it. Not words you always want to hear.

But in the case of the cover to the left, it’s okay to be a fake. Although I leave my actual book cover creations to graphic designers, I sometimes need a temporary one or a placeholder. This particular cover is the one I attached to a epub file I recently sent to a couple of beta readers. Why fake? I haven’t released the real cover yet. These readers are very trustworthy, but it’s nice for me to give them a version with the date and one they can identify on their readers as a beta version.

The cool thing is I made this cover in less than a minute from a template for Kindle book covers. Actually, I made the initial one in less than a minute and I update the date at the bottom to export a new file within seconds. How? is one of the best sites I’ve come across for making quick and inexpensive graphics. Membership is free and you only pay if you want to buy a photo from them. You can use it to make all kinds of items that a writer must pull out of her bag of tricks.

Screenshot 2015-06-07 17.45.55

I really love it that Canva has templates for image sizes that authors will use quite often. Need something for social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest? Canva has it. Make sure you click that little + sign in the far right of the menu choices (see image above).

If you don’t have a graphics account for purchasing images, Canva has plenty to choose from for a buck.

Not a Picasso? Hey, me either. My Pictionary skills are frightening. Canta has a design school blog and tons of tutorials beginning on this page: So find your inner child/geek/artist and have at it.

This message was brought to you by me. I was in no way bribed, bullied, coerced, or paid to talk about Canva. The simple truth is I’m a tech geek, and  I look for ways to help writers stay sane.

BrindaBerry_392x588Brinda Berry lives in the southern US with her family. She’s obsessed with cairn terriers, Kings of Leon, new technology and sandy beaches. She’s also terribly fond of chocolate, coffee, and books that take her away from reality. 

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