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I’m supposed to write something writerly on this post, but truthfully, all my brain can come with is a mass of stuff concerning my leaving my mundane day to day existence to the far away place of Michigan. The sweltering heat of Arkansas will be forgotten as I enjoy the first family reunion I’ve attended in twenty years. With my daughter… her first ever. (Don’t get me started on why. It’s a long, sordid story.)

My head is filled with what needs to be accomplished at work before I’m gone for 10 days so the department I’m responsible for doesn’t lack anything in my absence. Every item I need to take with me is still in the grey matter between my ears. Which bag to pack my computer in (let’s face it, I can’t be without the darned thing for over a week.) How to pack my camera as well. Don’t tell me I have one on my phone, I know. But… I’m not seeing family without recording it with the Nikon!

In one long week, that will stretch out like a never ending ribbon of hours and minutes, we’ll be on a plane to the Great Lakes state. I know. It isn’t the Red Neck Riviera or a Disney destination. Nothing as glamorous as a large, sweltering city filled with enticing and intriguing tourist traps and eateries as we use a swanky hotel for a home base. We are going to spend a couple days at a YMCA camp, sleeping in an unairconditioned bunk house with other family members and eating in a loud, noisy dining hall. Glorious!! Days will be lounging at picnic tables or on an inland lake beach, or sitting on rocks as we catch up in real time with lives I follow vicariously on Facebook and Instagram. We’ll be keeping up with lots of little ones and participating in various activities. Evenings will be roasting any kind of food we can make stay on a stick and drinking beer, wine and libations of all sorts as we sing along to whatever the musicians of the family want to play. I can’t imagine anything more entertaining!

God, I can’t wait!

Then we spend a few more days at my mother’s on Lake Huron, with one of my sisters. We’ll be eating Mom food and sharing old family memories. The best sort of vacation, really.

I don’t care if the temps get to a sweltering 90 degrees. (Entirely possible in this section of Michigan). Nothing can be as agonizing as the heat wave over Arkansas this year. The humidity is stifling. As I sit here and write, the early morning fog is rolling across our farm, a foreshadowing of the intense heat forecasted for today. Just a week. It can be endured for one week.

This is where I am who I’m with for the next several days.

You all have an awesome, inspiring, productive, wildly engaging summer! I know I will.