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Megan’s Tips for Fueling the Writer

Life is fast. Deadlines are close. Time is short. But if you want the most out or your brain you have to take care of it. What’s the key? Sleep. Hydration. Nutrition. Sex.

Sleep:  7 to 8 hours of sleep per night increases your attentions span, peps your mood, and allows you to use your wake hours more productively. It also gives an all around health boost. Click here to learn more. On the flip side, too much sleep can have negative effects. Also, you can never catch-up on the sleep you’ve lost. You can only do better tomorrow.

Hydration:  Your blood – 92 percent water. Your brain and muscles – 75 percent water. Your bones – 22 percent water. If your pee is yellow, you’re not drinking enough water. Water flushes your body of toxins collected in the digestive process. It also aids in fluid brain and body function. Some of you may hate drinking water. Tough. Think about that house plant you forgot to water for a couple of day. See how its leaves shrivel. See how it droops. Don’t be a droopy plant. After waking drink 16 oz of water. Then shoot for another 8 oz about 45 minutes before each meal, and then one more the same amount of time before bed. YOU CAN DO IT! P.S. Don’t use plastic bottles. They muck up the earth and cary their own toxins. Use reusable metal. Also filter you faucet water. Our water supply contains a treasure-trove of chemicals you don’t want inside your body.

Nutrition: It’s not about weight-loss people. It’s about fueling your body to get the most out of it. If it comes in a box, its not food. Nutrients come from unprocessed plants and animals. Here is a handy snack list.

Sex: You’re tired. You’ve got to get in your 7 hours. You’ve got to get up early and get the kids ready. And as always, you have to mind that next deadline. But if you can give the idea of a role in the sack or a bang on the counter or wherever you do said business, all by yourself or with a partner (in a monogamous and loving relationship) five minutes–if you start kissing (or if you’re by yourself, thinking about that next sex scene) no matter how tired you are your body will change its mind. Sex releases feel good endorphins that help relieve stress as well as minor aches and pains. Check it out! The health benefits, that is.

Go forth and fuel those brains!!

Megan Mitcham

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