Diamond State Romance Authors

Writer ADD

By Voirey Linger

I have a confession, one I’d rather not have to make. I haven’t made my daily word goal since March. Not once. Not only have I not made goal, I can’t seem to stick to one project. I’ll get halfway through a scene and feel suck a lack of direction, I open another file and work on it. Except then I start feeling the same lack of direction and switch to another story. Sometimes it gets so back I’ll start plotting entire new stories instead of working on what I already have on my desk.

All this and I’m on a deadline.

I have a million things I could blame for my writing woes. It’s summer. The kids are in the house all the time. I’m busier than usual. I have X, Y and Z taking up so much of my time. But down deep, if I’m honest with myself, I’d have to say I’m letting myself get distracted because I’m just feeling blah about writing. I still love it, I’m just not in love with it right now.

Someone give me a kick in the patookus. Tell me, how do you get motivated to write when you’d rather be doing anything else?