Diamond State Romance Authors

Well, hello there! ~ D.T. Dyllin

Eh-em… Why hello there all you lovelies! *waves* I’ve just joined the official line-up of bloggers for the DSRA website, and this is my first attempt to entertain you. Please set you standards on low for this one, since it’s merely going to be a bit of an introduction. I moved to Little Rock, AR from Nashville, TN the end of last year with my Hubby and two adorable dootles, Loki and Kira. (I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to post a picture of my dogs. Seriously…I sneak one in whenever I can. Heh.) Luckily for me, Little Rock has a chapter of the RWA so I joined toute suite. And although I’m still getting to know everyone, and secretly wishing nametags were mandatory accessories at the meetings, all the gals (and one gent) have been very friendly and welcoming. All right, moving along… When I asked what my first post should be about, I was told talking a bit about why I write is always a good topic, buuuut… instead of talking about why I thought I’d talk a bit about what. And since this is my very first post, I also thought I’d start at the beginning. Sooo… This is where it all started for me. My first published series. Aaahhh… Dragon shifters, how can you not love them? And P.J. Stone, my favorite fiery redheaded dragon shifter, was so much fun to write. She was the girl with a secret past who was just trying to figure herself out. In the end, she discovered who she was, and I discovered the joys of penning my first book. Then my first series. I’ve written so many books since then, and yet P.J. and her gang will always hold a very special place in my heart. Because, you know… You never forget your first time. 😉 I still have a lot of firsts, and growing to do as an author. I hope to do some of it with my fellow DSRA members. I also hope to connect with and maybe help some of you who are out there in cyberspace somewhere. Hello! Can you hear me???  *knocks on laptop screen* heh. So here’s to firsts… First blogs, first books, and first hellos to new friends. Are you toasting? I really don’t care what time it is, it’d be rude not to have a drink with me. So cheers! I guess that’s it from me for now. I’ll be posting the 18th of every month. And if for some reason I ever don’t, it’s not because I forgot and am irresponsible or something like that. Nope. Definitely not. It’s because… Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey. Yeah. That. Until next time, D.T. Dyllin signing off.