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Why do I write?

That’s a big question, and one we forget to ask.

What we find ourselves asking is why can’t I write, and there are a list of reasons.

Too tired after a long day.
Too busy at work.
Family obligations
Stressed, sick or just too brain dead.

The list is long, I know, I’ve used almost everyone of them. Writing is a full time job, in a part time slot in our lives. We have so many obligations that our time to sit in front of the computer, and concentrate, gets shorter and shorter. But our stories still run through our minds. After time we find that the aggravation over not being able to write starts to take away the excitement we use to find in writing our stories. At this point so many of us just stop.

I was there not too long ago. I felt the frustration, and aggravation of needing to write, but not being able to. I found myself at a cross road. Do I quit, or do I push past all the distractions and forge through. I was lost until I attended a writers meeting. I sat beside an amazing woman who has been writing for over 20 years. She saw the frustration on my face and asked me when the last time I enjoyed writing. I sat back and had to think.
When I started to write I said I would do it as long as it was fun. I just didn’t know when the fun stopped.

We talked and I realized she only wrote for her enjoyment. She told me stories of being where I was, and how many times her life, and family, made her step away from her dream. But she kept coming back. I was drawn into her story because it was like she could see inside my soul. Then she asked me a question. I missed it the first time, but heard her the second. Why do you write? I knew right then why.

I write because I love it. I have a story I want to tell. One I hope others will want to read.
So next time I look at my lap top as I walked by to do whatever life has thrown my way I won’t let it upset me. I know it will be there when time is more on my side.
Then I can write my next bestseller because I love to write.

How about you? Why do you write?

Thanks for visiting.

Until Next time.

Lynda Kaye Frazier