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Megan Mitcham – The P-word

I’ve heard the word PROMO so often over the last three years that when someone utters the P-word my shoulders hunch, my brows crinkle, and falling into a yawning chasm suddenly doesn’t sound so bad. I’d spent hours upon hours researching Marketing and building my platform, but I’d neglected the P-word. I spent all my time writing and marketing and none promoting. Nope, I’d never bought an ad nor successfully infiltrated the Book Bub camp.

Approaching my first publish-aversary, October 1st, forced me to look back over the last year. I’d written a bunch of books and sold a nice amount of books on my own, but what could I do with a little–brace yourself for the ugly word–focused PROMO?

I don’t know the answer yet. But I’ve taken the steps to have one by my DSRA post next month.

  1. Goal of the PROMO – Broaden my readership.
  2. How – A brand wide anniversary sale, every title I own on special and three gift card giveaways.
  3. How long – One month.
  4. Where – Every vendor.
  5. Ads – Kindle Nation Daily, Freebooksy, Bargainbooksy, Book Gorilla, and I have more work to do today.
  6. The images – Clear and concise that incite the reader to action.

promo banner 1500x760Promo Banner Giveaway 1500x760Money invested and fingers crossed. I’ll report my findings next month. Wish me luck!!


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