Voirey Linger · writer's retreat

Retreat! Retreat!

By Voirey Linger

13275643_sI’m running away. I’ve made my plans, I’ve got an escape route planned and I’m heading out… along with about ten other DSRA members. In a little over a week, we’ll be headed to Hot Springs on our annual writing retreat. I’ve set a goal of 10,000 words over the weekend, working up to three manuscripts. I did 8,000 last year on one, so this is within reach.

The retreat is one of the high points of my writing year. We’ve done spring retreats, but I like having it in the fall. It gives me a chance to center myself and shift my focus back on writing after a hectic summer full of family and activity. It’s the perfect blend of quiet, distraction-free writing time and socializing with other writers, people who understand me and all my writerly quirks.

While we all love spending time together, the real focus of the weekend is writing. Making words is our business, and sometimes the best way to get those words flowing is removing yourself from everyday life and getting off on your own. It doesn’t matter if it’s a large group renting out a lake house, a few like-minded friends in a cabin, or just one person in a hotel room. A retreat can revitalize not only the writing, but the writer.

So in just nine days, I’m going to abandon my children (it’s okay–they’re mostly adults), sneak off with my friends, and write my heart out. But I’m also going to relax, recharge, and reconnect with my friends. It’s time to run away.