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Author-y Ramblings… ~D.T. Dyllin


Who are you?

No, not as a person… Who are you as a writer?

And what are your goals?

These are two questions that every writer should ask themselves, and if you don’t know the answers, then you have a problem.

Every writer is as different as their fingerprints, shaped by their unique nature and nurture combo, bringing their individual view of the world to their writing.

So doesn’t it make sense that each of us should define who we are as writers ourselves and set our own goals accordingly?

Don’t compare your style, your sales, your goals…any part of your path to another writer’s. The author-y world isn’t a zero sum game. It isn’t a game at all. It’s a way of life. We all need to look inside of ourselves for the answers, not outside. If you’re letting others define you and your writing, then you are letting others define your life. Learn to trust in yourself. It’s probably the toughest thing any of us can do.

So basically… Do you, and not someone else.

Umm… Yeah. I think I had a better point/closing when I started this thing. *rubs temples and squints at screen *

This rambling and pretty much pointless blog post is brought to you by insomnia. Normal, coherent thoughts and complete sentences will return after sleep does.

Of course I could always write something else later and not post this mess, but with my foggy brain I’ll probably forget this month. Eeep! Something is better than nothing, right? Right??! *bangs head on wall*  I’ll probably change my mind later and drown in regret, but… Blaaargh! No matter… For now I’m…okay with my decision.

Live in the now. Live in the now.

By the way… Is anyone else thinking about the fact that we could all be dead right now and not know it? No? Just me. Okay, then.

Until next time… Delirious author aka D.T. Dyllin signing off.