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Perfecting (or overthinking) the Self Published Novel – Jen Crane

A writer can learn a lot about herself while writing and preparing to publish novels. I, for example, have learned my neurosis knows no bounds.

I have chosen to take the sound advice of successful authors like Sylvia Day, and hold on to my first book until I can release more in the series. Sylvia’s advice, actually, is releasing three books at once. But, I couldn’t sit on my first two any longer, and will release them next month. The conventional wisdom is that after writing three books, you’ve improved your craft, you’ve learned your limitations and strengths, and you’ve learned how long it takes you to write a book, which will help with scheduling and commitments in the months ahead.

I am so glad that I held onto the first book, for all of the reasons listed above. While writing the second in the series, I went back to the first and changed so many things because through practice I’d become a better writer. Advances in character development, too, were a major point of revision once I’d delved into book two.

But now books one are two in the Descended of Dragons series are finished, and I’m still struggling to let go. Just last week I changed two words in the first manuscript, screwing up formatting and material already approved by CreateSpace. Why can’t I just walk away? It’s because, as I said, my neurosis continues to blow past any boundaries I make. But, my Amazon drop-dead date is in six days, so I’ve got to let go at some point. Maybe if I busy my fingers on blog posts they’ll steer clear of finalized manuscripts.

Nah, probably not!

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