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Strange magic by Maggie Wells

Words can be fickle friends, can’t they? Some days they rush out so fast it’s hard for my fingers to catch up. Then there was the month of August. And half of September…But not October!

Nope. I’m not going through another drought like that anytime soon. No way, no how.

There were real enough reasons for my bout with the old ennui. I’d spent June and July in a sprint to finish FLIP THIS LOVE (Coastal Heat #2) so I could hand it off for editorial before I left for RWA in NYC. Between the book and conference, I was pretty wiped out by the beginning of August.

All along, my plan had been to dive right into book Coastal Heat #3, LOVE AND ROCKETS. But first, I to prep for the September 15th release of GOING DEEP (Coastal Heat #1).

Then the edits on #2 came around. And Friday Night Lights was on Netflix. And my To Be Read pile beckoned…

Yeah, so I didn’t get the start I thought I would. By the time September rolled around, I’d done a ton of plotting and character development (aka: Avoidance – I’m a pantser), and very little actual writing.

This past weekend was the 4th annual DSRA writing retreat. I rolled into Hot Spring with the first draft of my manuscript a little over 1/4 written. But I rolled out with over 50%.

I started the first draft of GOING DEEP at the 2013 retreat. Last year, I was hard at work on my June 2016 release, A WILL AND A WAY, and now LOVE AND ROCKETS has lift-off at last.

I don’t know if it’s the change of venue, the creative ju-ju of being in a house with about a dozen of my favorite writers, or simply peer pressure, but retreat always works for me. I hope to have this book well on its way to being done by the end of October so I can play with something new and shiny during NaNoWriMo.

That’s right, I’ll be treating myself to another round of words as a reward. 🙂

How about you? Are you inspired by working with other writers, or do you thrive as a lone wolf?