Do reviews mean anything anymore? ~D.T. Dyllin

Haters are everywhere. That’s just common knowledge. They love to spread…well hate. All of us published authors have probably dealt with a few of our very own haters. You know… the one or two star ratings on Goodreads before you’ve even finished writing a book. Or that blank-face silhouette account that gives every single one of your books a single star. Or that review on Amazon that makes you wonder if they actually read your book. Definitely annoying to say the least. (I wasn’t aware there were so many psychic readers out there. I wish I could hire them to tell me whether or not my books are going to sell before I put the effort into writing them. Heh.)

I know, I know… You’re not supposed to read your own reviews, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Sometimes you just happen to see one and the next thing you know you’re falling down the rabbit hole… Aaaaaah! But I digress.

With all the haters, and new issues with Amazon blocking reviewers, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to receive honest reviews as an author. Let’s face it, most people don’t leave reviews. My evidence: The number of reviews on each of my books on Amazon compared to my sales. They don’t match up. Not even close. I know I’m not the only one in this predicament. And then there’s also the flip side: Authors buying and faking reviews. We probably all know someone who’s done it. And no, I’m not personally mentioning any names. Sorry. But I will say that there are tons of articles out there like this one >HERE<.

This all makes me wonder… Do reviews legitimately represent a book anymore? I don’t think they do, which sucks. But how can we fix this problem? I’m at a loss. What do you folks think? What can we do as a community of readers and writers to fix this problem? Maybe sales rankings are enough to represent a book and reviews should be made a thing of the past? (At least outside of blogs.) What are your thoughts? I know it’s a lot more complicated than I’m making it sound here. But… *scratches head* Something needs to change. I’m just not sure what.

Until next time… D.T. Dyllin signing off.


2 thoughts on “Do reviews mean anything anymore? ~D.T. Dyllin

  1. Great post. I agree, there’s nothing more frustrating for a reader than adding an upcoming book that hasn’t even been finished yet for ARC’s to your Goodreads folder and seeing a bunch of one stars. Better yet, the ones that have all 5 stars bother me, too. I mean, how do you know you love this book already? It doesn’t even have a synopsis yet! However, like everything I purchase, I read all the reviews. I generally read the 3 and 4 stars since those tend to be more honest. Some people just like to find something to complain about and others are getting paid to write raving reviews. So yeah, I stay away from reading 1 & 5 star reviews on everything because you just can’t trust them all the time. However, there are blogs that I trust when it comes to their reviews and will read just about everything they have to say about a book. It’s hard but I guess take comfort in knowing that it’s not just the book community that’s all jacked up. All reviewing platforms are like this. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that people were getting paid to write raving reviews for Yelp. :\ It’s all a bit ridiculous. Try not to let it bug you though. Yes, it sucks but hopefully those who are seriously looking to purchase/read your books take the time to read all the reviews and make an educated decision instead of just taking the rating at face value.

    1. Thanks! 🙂 I agree, any ratings or reviews before a book is written, whether it’s good or bad is silly…and annoying. Personally, I don’t read reviews at all anymore when I’m book shopping, but I realize I’m an oddity when it comes to that kind of stuff. A ton of people rely on reviews to make their purchasing decisions, and unfortunately outside the book community (authors, bloggers etc) the general public is vastly unaware of a lot of the ‘shady’ stuff, which sucks.

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