A Debut Author’s Reflections on Her First Releases – Jen Crane

What. A. Whirlwind.

After months (years, including the writing) of self-reflection and improvement, research, preparation, social media building, and promo my book release date has come and gone. Was it everything I’d hoped it would be? Well, I had researched enough not to expect too much, so yes!

In the end I was so glad I’d planned a blog tour. Hiring a professional gave me access to blogs and readers I would never have found myself, and certainly not without hours of work better spent writing.

I was glad I’d worked for months to build a social media presence so when readers did hear about the books they could easily learn more about me and my product.

I was glad I’d hired a professional editor to make sure there were no glaring mistakes and typos, and that the stories flowed well. We authors rely so heavily on word of mouth. Hearing good things about the story instead of negatives about the content is essential.

I was glad I didn’t rush into releasing the books, instead taking the time to ensure all of my t’s were crossed and i’s were dotted.

And finally, I was glad I had joined my local RWA chapter, DSRA because the generous and experienced colleagues I have met here offered invaluable advice and support.

This thorough preparation and planning all helped ensure that the release day for my first two novels went smoothly and pleasantly. It was a day to celebrate and feel good about what I’d accomplished, instead of hand-wringing and nail-biting.

Now, back to writing! Looking forward to another release day in the spring.