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Keeping Up With Firearms

This weekend a few of us Diamonds took a little detour to the wild side. This is Arkansas. We live here. Many of us in rural settings. Arkansans are very stalwart when it comes their right to bear arms. Most of us enjoy hunting and just as many prefer the protection of a firearm to our fists. Our small group has several members who write romantic suspense. Stories  involving the use of guns. Lots of guns. A goal in our chapter is to  provide education for our members. Learning about guns is one of our objectives this year. It doesn’t involve only becoming intimate with the parts of a gun, but understanding how you handle the thing and what it feels like to have one in your hand as you pull the trigger and feel the kick as it goes off.

One of our members, Lindsay Cross, opened her beautiful home up to us to host a Concealed Carry License class.


This gave us the focused, hands on experience we were looking for. It was also a superlative bonding experience. Lindsay and her husband graciously provided a delicious lunch for us.

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The class was conducted by two police officers from Greenbriar, Arkansas. The Diamonds attending were Lindsay Cross, Megan Mitcham, Cindi D’Alba, Voirey Linger, Dara Dylan and  Nena Clements. Most of brought family members as well! Voirey came with her son Nick, I brought my son Ben, Dara’s charming hubby Chris came, Cindi and her hubby renewed their CCL together. Lindsay’s mother–in-law attended as well. We may be romance writers, but this was grounded in real life.


CCL involves learning and understanding the law here in Arkansas. Those taking the class filled out their paper work and were finger printed. We are all now in the database, people. It is imperative we keep our noses clean. The man can find us for sure.DSC_0177

We now understand the open carry nuances here and the boundaries around our homes(curtilage) we are entitled to protect against dangerous trespassers. Our instructor educated us on the proper terminology for bullets – they are “rounds” with a bullet at the tip, and the parts of  a pistol. We learned where we are not allowed to carry a weapon, where it is permitted and many questions were fielded about the limitless gray areas.

We learned how to use both a revolver and a semi-automatic hand gun and what constitutes the difference between the two. We learned how to hold the weapon properly to keep it from kicking and then sight in the target as well.


After the verbal instruction we all headed outside to practice what was preached.


Our instructors made us practice proper stance, aim, and sighting with a dry weapon (no ammunition). Not until all of us were confident and comfortable did we move the live fire stage.


We waited patiently for our turn. The pause gave us ample time to chat and talk about different firearms. We tried out the feel of different weapons. I know the 9mm I have is really too big for my needs. I’d like to get a little .380.


We all had a chance at the target and individual pointers from our instructor.

It was an awesome learning experience and a great opportunity to practice shooting. All of us realize the importance of spending time with the firearm you choose to use as a defense. The more time you spend with it, the better you know how it works.

I want to extend another thank you to Lindsey and Adam for hosting this event. We had a great time.


Happy writing all!!



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