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The Writer’s Wish List ~ Brinda Berry

It’s holiday time. You’ve probably been out shopping your little fingers to the bone. Giving the credit card a real workout. Buying a gift for the writer this season? Need a gift for me? I know it’s a real dilemma. Since I’m a giving sort of person, I’d like to share my Christmas shopping ideas. You’re… Continue reading The Writer’s Wish List ~ Brinda Berry

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Strange But True~ Brinda Berry

“Where do you get your ideas?” Friends and strangers ask me this quite often. The answer is “everywhere.” Music, movies, news, life. I get ideas everywhere I look. My latest release, The Beauty of Lies, began with my fascination for stories about con artists who marry and keep multiple families. Families who don’t know each other. [Quit looking… Continue reading Strange But True~ Brinda Berry

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A Tale of a Comic Expo~ Brinda Berry

I recently attended the River City Comic Expo. As an author, I’m always looking for ways to expand my audience. I thought my young adult Whispering Woods series (sci-fi romance) would fit right into this environment. Several writers of sci-fi and graphic novels were there signing books and serving as panelists in concurrent sessions. My son (who… Continue reading A Tale of a Comic Expo~ Brinda Berry

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Getting Out of the Cave ~ Brinda Berry

Once upon a time, I joined this snazzy little group of writers who have a website called We were more than critique partners. We became fast friends. Yes, all of us. One day last year, we discussed flying cross-country to meet up and take a week long class together. The master writing class (AKA Margie Lawson’s Immersion… Continue reading Getting Out of the Cave ~ Brinda Berry

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Break Emergency Glass in Case of Writer Meltdown ~ Brinda Berry

We’ve all been there. Your kids accuse you of parental treason. Your house resembles an episode of hoarders with last week’s trash smelling suspiciously of pepperoni. You swear that pajama pants can be dressed up. You’ll just throw on something besides flip flops. Really. The reason for the insanity? You have a manuscript deadline. It… Continue reading Break Emergency Glass in Case of Writer Meltdown ~ Brinda Berry