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Video Alternatives to the Book Trailer by Brinda Berry

I’m a fan of the book trailer. Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I enjoy making and viewing them. The big question is whether or not it actually helps to market a book. It’s tough to gather stats about marketing and determine exactly what works. I believe exposure is key. When using video… Continue reading Video Alternatives to the Book Trailer by Brinda Berry

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Making the Most of a Cover ~ Brinda Berry

I recently obtained the rights back on my young adult series. The Whispering Woods series consists of three books. The original covers provided by the small press were fine, but I knew I wanted very different covers for a new release under my own imprint. I’m fortunate to have access to a cover designer who… Continue reading Making the Most of a Cover ~ Brinda Berry

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The Camaraderie of Writers ~Brinda Berry

I understand how lonely writing can be. When I began writing many years ago, I didn’t have a support system of writers. No place to learn craft. No friends who understood struggles over a manuscript. No mentors to advise about the business. Then I joined a couple of writing groups, and it all changed.  First… Continue reading The Camaraderie of Writers ~Brinda Berry

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Formatting a Print Book ~Brinda Berry

I spent the weekend formatting my print book for my upcoming release, Tempting Fate. It was much easier than  my last book. I almost had a breakdown while formatting Chasing Luck. This time, I decided to use a different Word template and tried one from As you can see, I got all wild and  inserted chapter headers. I… Continue reading Formatting a Print Book ~Brinda Berry

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Is a Cover More Than Eye Candy? ~ Brinda Berry

I judge books by their covers. I’m not embarrassed to admit it. As I walk down the bookstore aisle or click around the virtual one, I stop when I see a fantastic cover. For discussion purposes, I’m going to use a book from one of my DSRA sisters. Exhibit A:  Borrowed Cowboy. Here is a book meant for… Continue reading Is a Cover More Than Eye Candy? ~ Brinda Berry

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Fine-Tuning the Facebook Ad ~ Brinda Berry

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. On the one hand, I love having a hotline to news about everyone. I can interact with friends (and strangers if I choose). People put their opinions out there boldly. It’s a TMI party and more  fun and controversial than an episode of The Bachelor. On the other hand,… Continue reading Fine-Tuning the Facebook Ad ~ Brinda Berry