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Everything My Little Sister Taught Me

Everything my little sister taught me about exercise applies to writing. My sister has worked hard to be a fit adult. She didn’t always look like this with her Linda Hamilton  from Terminator arms. She was the chunky little kid who enjoyed my extra candy. Sis  grew into a teenager who struggled with weight issues.… Continue reading Everything My Little Sister Taught Me

Brinda Berry · writing advice

Creative Commons for Images and Music

There’s been a lot of talk online among writers about legally using images and music on blogs, websites, and other web-based content. The need to recognize copyright and ownership of creative works is not a new concept. Some authors have recently brought it to the forefront and my presentation at the monthly meeting addressed this… Continue reading Creative Commons for Images and Music

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Spring Retreat – Into The Mountains

What could be more fun than retreating from the responsibilities of everyday life to an incredible lodge in the Ozark Mountains with twelve friends, who just happen to be multi-talented, brilliant, comical women that all share a passion for writing? Humph? Well, I could think of a couple of things. 😉 I’ll keep them to… Continue reading Spring Retreat – Into The Mountains