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Secondary Characters with Sandra Jones

I’m working with an older WIP this week. It began with a target of 50,000 words. Then about a month ago, I was halfway done when I learned that it now needed to be 20,000 words longer for the publisher I’m targeting. Eep! I’m a pantser-plotter, so the outline that I’d painstakingly created on Scrivener and… Continue reading Secondary Characters with Sandra Jones

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Characters, conflict, and gravy

My writing ideas usually begin with the characters instead of the situation. When I talk about them, I can see people responding, and my beta-readers act as if they’re real people. But as I’m journeying toward publication, I’m hearing the same constructive criticism — “the romantic conflict isn’t quite strong enough.” Huh? I have an exciting… Continue reading Characters, conflict, and gravy

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A Writer’s Obsession with Sons of Anarchy

Psst….lean in. I have a secret obsession–Sons of Anarchy (SOA). For a writer, there’s a lot to be learned from this highly addictive series on FX.  A while back, I started watching the series on Netflix. The show is currently running in its sixth season, and I’m almost caught up. This series has a great… Continue reading A Writer’s Obsession with Sons of Anarchy