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Movitation – what really works?

This week I attended a class through Romance Writers of America. It was about motivation and setting goals. OMG. We’ve heard enough about this subject, haven’t we? I’ve been writing for five years now and I learned about setting goals early on. You would think I would keep at it, set those goals every year,… Continue reading Movitation – what really works?

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Productivity 101

Many of my college classes began with a pop quiz. It’s only fitting productivity 101 has one too. Pop Quiz 1) What do you want? 2) What are you willing to do to get it? We’re talking authority stuff here. So, if you want a venti chai latte, a vacation or Vin Diesel as you… Continue reading Productivity 101

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I’ve Been Doing It All Wrong ~ Brinda Berry

Have you ever read a book that rocked your world? I recently attended a conference and had the opportunity to hear a presentation by author David Rock. He was a dynamic speaker and gave some highlights from his non-fiction book, Your Brain at Work. I enjoyed his humorous explantions of how we are making everyday… Continue reading I’ve Been Doing It All Wrong ~ Brinda Berry

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How Long Is a Book?

Voirey Linger I see the topic of book length come up quite frequently in writers’ circles. What’s too long? What’s too short? How big should a scene or chapter be? The advice tossed around can be very confusing because, well, quite simply, there is no one right answer. Books are as long as the story,… Continue reading How Long Is a Book?

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First Downs

Something happened this month. Technically, a lot of things happened because I finished everything on my list from last month. But we’re going to focus on just a few results. I not only entered the contest, I offered to judge in a different category. As an avid reader and a former teacher, it seemed like… Continue reading First Downs

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Re-defining goals

I’m a list maker and a goal setter. I start my day with a little note pad and I write down what I need to accomplish before I crawl back into bed. Kind of OCD but I can’t seem to get through the day without something to check off and I get a feeling of… Continue reading Re-defining goals

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Deadline Hell

This year at Romance Writers of America’s annual conference, I received my 25-book pin from Harlequin.  I spent a week in Atlanta attending the conference while my work piled up at home. Deadlines grew tighter with each day I was at conference. But it was worth it. Now, I have two weeks to write 50,000… Continue reading Deadline Hell