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Megan Mitcham — To Free or Not to Free…

Yep, that’s the question. Picture this. You wrestle your kids into clothes, strap them into the car, and drive to your local supermarket. Park. Drag the kids kicking and screaming into the front door, grab a cart, search the depth of your purse like a braille book for your immense grocery list, which, yes, still… Continue reading Megan Mitcham — To Free or Not to Free…

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Practice Makes…

Nobody’s perfect! Ever. So, to all those teachers who said, “Practice makes perfect,” when I was writing my spelling words one-hundred times each, you’re pitches needed practice. Because practice makes improvement. Why do we strive for perfection? Who ever said… LIFE GOAL = BE PERFECT? I don’t know, but perfect is boring. Greatness comes when… Continue reading Practice Makes…

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Making the Most of a Cover ~ Brinda Berry

I recently obtained the rights back on my young adult series. The Whispering Woods series consists of three books. The original covers provided by the small press were fine, but I knew I wanted very different covers for a new release under my own imprint. I’m fortunate to have access to a cover designer who… Continue reading Making the Most of a Cover ~ Brinda Berry

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Formatting a Print Book ~Brinda Berry

I spent the weekend formatting my print book for my upcoming release, Tempting Fate. It was much easier than  my last book. I almost had a breakdown while formatting Chasing Luck. This time, I decided to use a different Word template and tried one from As you can see, I got all wild and  inserted chapter headers. I… Continue reading Formatting a Print Book ~Brinda Berry

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Is a Cover More Than Eye Candy? ~ Brinda Berry

I judge books by their covers. I’m not embarrassed to admit it. As I walk down the bookstore aisle or click around the virtual one, I stop when I see a fantastic cover. For discussion purposes, I’m going to use a book from one of my DSRA sisters. Exhibit A:  Borrowed Cowboy. Here is a book meant for… Continue reading Is a Cover More Than Eye Candy? ~ Brinda Berry