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Practice Makes…

Nobody’s perfect! Ever. So, to all those teachers who said, “Practice makes perfect,” when I was writing my spelling words one-hundred times each, you’re pitches needed practice. Because practice makes improvement. Why do we strive for perfection? Who ever said… LIFE GOAL = BE PERFECT? I don’t know, but perfect is boring. Greatness comes when… Continue reading Practice Makes…

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Don’t Throw Files Into The Black Hole by Brinda Berry

Sometimes the simplest advice is the best. Writers hear so many great tips about craft, publishing, and marketing. Today, I’m going to give you a tip that applies to all three areas. If you don’t have an electronic filing method, begin today. Don’t wait until you spend more time looking for misplaced information than you spend writing.… Continue reading Don’t Throw Files Into The Black Hole by Brinda Berry

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The Red Zone by Brinda Berry

Every author has a favorite part of the writing and publishing process. My personal favorite is brainstorming the new story. I’m giddy thinking about research, character profiles, and plots. The front end of the process is pure heaven for me. Let me organize my Scrivener note cards by chapter and plot point. Stand back as I choose… Continue reading The Red Zone by Brinda Berry