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I’ve Been Doing It All Wrong ~ Brinda Berry

Have you ever read a book that rocked your world? I recently attended a conference and had the opportunity to hear a presentation by author David Rock. He was a dynamic speaker and gave some highlights from his non-fiction book, Your Brain at Work. I enjoyed his humorous explantions of how we are making everyday… Continue reading I’ve Been Doing It All Wrong ~ Brinda Berry

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Our eyes, the windows to our world that we destroy a little each day.

  As I got older, my eyes got weaker. Something I blamed on age. It never crossed my mind that it was my lifestyle. Boy was I wrong. I went to the doctor, and had an eye opening experience. No pun intended.   I work during the day as an ultrasound tech, which means I… Continue reading Our eyes, the windows to our world that we destroy a little each day.

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An Editing Technique – Reverse Outline

This month I started, finally, editing the manuscript I’ve been working on for the past year.  My editing technique still needs some perfecting, but I’m learning and it really is progressing. This week, reading through my roll of blogs to which I subscribe I ran across a blog about editing. It is written by an… Continue reading An Editing Technique – Reverse Outline

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What is Romantic?

We all have our different ideas of what qualifies as romantic. On my blog this month, I’ve been hosting authors and asking them questions about romance. As a writer, your characters won’t always agree with your ideas. It’s better if you can think outside the proverbial box and make the most unique situation into a… Continue reading What is Romantic?