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Strange magic by Maggie Wells

Words can be fickle friends, can’t they? Some days they rush out so fast it’s hard for my fingers to catch up. Then there was the month of August. And half of September…But not October! Nope. I’m not going through another drought like that anytime soon. No way, no how. There were real enough reasons… Continue reading Strange magic by Maggie Wells

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Getting Out of the Cave ~ Brinda Berry

Once upon a time, I joined this snazzy little group of writers who have a website called We were more than critique partners. We became fast friends. Yes, all of us. One day last year, we discussed flying cross-country to meet up and take a week long class together. The master writing class (AKA Margie Lawson’s Immersion… Continue reading Getting Out of the Cave ~ Brinda Berry

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The Camaraderie of Writers ~Brinda Berry

I understand how lonely writing can be. When I began writing many years ago, I didn’t have a support system of writers. No place to learn craft. No friends who understood struggles over a manuscript. No mentors to advise about the business. Then I joined a couple of writing groups, and it all changed.  First… Continue reading The Camaraderie of Writers ~Brinda Berry

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Writer’s Retreat – A Vacation From the World

This last weekend or chapter held its annual writer’s retreat. We don’t do anything fancy except rent a gloriously elegant house on the lake, lots of amenities with food and maybe something to drink. No programs or structure. The only given is we write our fingers off. For me this weekend makes my whole year.… Continue reading Writer’s Retreat – A Vacation From the World