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Ummm… I did NOT write that, did I? ~ D.T. Dyllin

  Recently, spurred by nostalgia brought on by my first post here last month, I revisited my first book series, The P.J. Stone Gates Trilogy. This series brought so many amazing people into my life that I couldn’t even begin to list them all here. So I won’t for fear of leaving someone out. I… Continue reading Ummm… I did NOT write that, did I? ~ D.T. Dyllin

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Getting Out of the Cave ~ Brinda Berry

Once upon a time, I joined this snazzy little group of writers who have a website called READerlicious.com. We were more than critique partners. We became fast friends. Yes, all of us. One day last year, we discussed flying cross-country to meet up and take a week long class together. The master writing class (AKA Margie Lawson’s Immersion… Continue reading Getting Out of the Cave ~ Brinda Berry

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Megan Mitcham – Bend Don’t Break

***This is a repost from years ago…because I need to remember these handy tips while I stare at a deadline that the beauty and unpredictability of summer are making difficult to reach.*** The one sure thing in life is change. Like the seasons, some are predictable. Others, like a bump in release date, are not. Alterations range from… Continue reading Megan Mitcham – Bend Don’t Break