DSRA History

April 15, 2006, five Arkansas Romance Writers of America (and another 3 in spirit) met at the Barnes & Noble in Little Rock, and formed the Diamond State Romance Authors (DSRA). Three more meetings followed, all open to interested RWA members and prospective RWA members, in which we discussed and decided upon things such as chapter goals, bylaws, and basic policies and procedures.

After the formation meetings, Diamond State Romance Authors was ready to roll. We had adopted a set of bylaws, we were in the process of filing for Federal tax-exempt status with the IRS, we were incorporating as a non-profit organization within the State of Arkansas and we had grown to 24 members, many of whom were already published Romance novelists.


Anna J. Evans
Elle James
Shayla Kersten
Cynthia D’Abla
Sherice Smith


Delilah Devlin
Anna J. Evans
Elle James
Shayla Kersten
Julie Ann Linker
Cynthia D’Alba
Robin Miller
Judith Rochelle
Sherice Smith
Sharon Vanetta
Mary Ann Webber


2006-Cynthia D’Alba
2007-Shayla Kersten
2008-Ellen Cooley
2009-Shada Royce
2010-Sandra Jones
2011-Delilah Devlin
2012-13-Brinda Berry
2013-14-Sandra Jones
2015-16-Margaret Ethridge
2016-18 Megan Mitcham