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I’m supposed to write something writerly on this post, but truthfully, all my brain can come with is a mass of stuff concerning my leaving my mundane day to day existence to the far away place of Michigan. The sweltering heat of Arkansas will be forgotten as I enjoy the first family reunion I’ve attended… Continue reading Vacation!


Jen Crane – When Author And Reader Expectations Don’t Match Up

Is it just me, or are there some seriously great book-to-primetime TV series out there right now? And if you’ve been watching, wow. Nail-biting season finales, right? The Starz series Outlander follows very closely the popular Diana Gabaldon series of books. HBO’s Game of Thrones is one of my personal favorites. And then of course… Continue reading Jen Crane – When Author And Reader Expectations Don’t Match Up

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Megan Mitcham – Bend Don’t Break

***This is a repost from years ago…because I need to remember these handy tips while I stare at a deadline that the beauty and unpredictability of summer are making difficult to reach.*** The one sure thing in life is change. Like the seasons, some are predictable. Others, like a bump in release date, are not. Alterations range from… Continue reading Megan Mitcham – Bend Don’t Break