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Formatting a Print Book ~Brinda Berry

I spent the weekend formatting my print book for my upcoming release, Tempting Fate. It was much easier than  my last book. I almost had a breakdown while formatting Chasing Luck. This time, I decided to use a different Word template and tried one from As you can see, I got all wild and  inserted chapter headers. I… Continue reading Formatting a Print Book ~Brinda Berry

Elle James · Myla Jackson · writing advice

Keeping up with Elle James and Myla Jackson

These past couple weeks have been K-razy! For those who haven’t been following me closely, you might not realize it, but I’m two writers–Myla Jackson and Elle James. In order for me to write under both pen names, I have to keep writing, and writing, and writing to satisfy the voracious appetites of my readers.… Continue reading Keeping up with Elle James and Myla Jackson