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Movitation – what really works?

This week I attended a class through Romance Writers of America. It was about motivation and setting goals. OMG. We’ve heard enough about this subject, haven’t we? I’ve been writing for five years now and I learned about setting goals early on. You would think I would keep at it, set those goals every year,… Continue reading Movitation – what really works?

Megan Mitcham

Are You Utilizing and Optimizing Your RWR?

Everyone in my house just bolted out the back door. Why? I’m in deep cleaning mode. No unused toy, unworn shirt or dust bunny (no matter how cute…not that I find dust at all cute, but bunnies very much so) is safe. The same goes form my writing files on and off the computer. In… Continue reading Are You Utilizing and Optimizing Your RWR?

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Bend Don’t Break

The one sure thing in life is change. Like the seasons, some are predictable. Others, like a bump in release date, are not. Alterations range from tragic to down right minuscule.┬áSince diversity is ever-present in our lives, you’d think we would have grown accustomed to dealing with it. Alas, sometimes we freak over the tiniest… Continue reading Bend Don’t Break