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It’s Getting Colder

This seems like an unlikely subject for a writer to write about, but I am a writer and this is important to me. And this is about an important writing tool. Fall is settling in, the air has a crisp, brisk feel to it, the chickens aren’t laying as much as they used to and the days are definitely shorter. I am a warm weather girl, the hotter the better. I start freaking out when I get cold. It’s hard to write in the cold. I’m sure there are many of you out there can attest to that.

At my house this is a major ordeal. We don’t have central heat (or air for that matter, but who cares). This means my husband needs to put a load of wood on the porch when the temp really plunges and it means I have to get the kerosene heater revved up.

For those of you having never seen a kerosene heater… there it is. I had never seen one before 2002.


They heat up a large area very effectively. Thank goodness.
It’s wonderful heat warms the air beautifully… enough to keep my hands from cramping from the cold and my thighs from breaking out in hives because they can’t get warm.

I am the kerosene queen. Did you know there is a way to maintain the wick to make it last a looong time? Those heaters are made to come apart and you can get your hands dirty fixing the mechanics of it when the wick won’t rise or gets stuck. All of it is maintainable and will forever give off its amazing, comforting, warm heat.

Boo for the winter, but hurrah for heat… any way you can get it.


One thought on “It’s Getting Colder

  1. I truly enjoyed reading this post. I am in quite the opposite situation. Here in Corpus Christi, it gets hot in May and stays that way for a long time. In August the heat revs up to the “unbearable” setting. On top of that, we don’t cool off that much at night. So every cool front, every bit of relief we get from the heat is quite welcome. Makes me feel like writing! Come visit is in sunny Corpus Christi, Texas some winter.

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